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Life Coaching & Business Coaching

Life Coaching

Wanda became a Certified Life Coach in 2013 after passing the required courses with Wainwright University. Some of her life experiences has inspired her to help others.  

She is passionate about being a positive force in the lives of those seeking to better their journey. Her optimistic and empathetic nature will make you feel supported, understood and enthusiastic about your journey. 

Wanda will help you break down your goals into bite-size pieces and turn each into a stepping stone. She successfully coaches clients in making realistic goal-setting plans to ensure success. 

  • Improving communication

  • Relationship Skills

  • Dealing with stress or depression

  • Figuring out life direction

  • Building confidence and esteem

  • Resolving emotional trauma

  • Changing negative habit

Online Business Coaching

Wanda believes that in order to be successful in business, you must be well-rounded in life. While her approach is STEM-oriented, she emphasizes that your physical health, mental health, relationships and other factors impact your ability to excel. Therefore, she offers customized strategies and coaching. Wanda's passion is to help entrepreneurs experience extreme growth through the use of technology.


I have had my share of mentors in my life, so I decided to take the best of what they have taught me, along with my own personal experiences and success, to bring daily tips and mentoring to everyone.
I want to provide an easy method to cultivate the mindset that will bring about the life you so richly deserve!
If you aren't part of my community yet, I'd love to have you join! 
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